Our philosophy

    We believe our closets should be reflections of the journey we take, as they mirror our own story and purpose. Our passion and love for searching out fabrics and yarns has taken many years of travel and partnering. Country by country we source and develop our exclusive collection of kids' clothing.

    We set out to build a company that celebrates the very start of kids' lives and continues into their childhood. Frankie and Ava is our way of sharing these stories and products with you. We were determined to transform modern kids' closets.

    Frankie & Ava is inspired by our children, we need cool, modern, comfortable clothing. No more disposable garments, instead, timeless fashion for kids. 

    From the start of creating Frankie and Ava, one of the first questions presented was - how could it be possible to keep up with the endless cycle of fashion?  We set out to make something a little more timeless. Being frustrated and sick of the usual logos and embellishments on most kids-wear, the desire was for simple items with an emphasis on fabric, yarn, and quality.

    Artisans of Kent, United Kingdom

    Our very first designs were created in the UK when our kids were babies and we looked for the perfect pieces that were cozy, soft and unique.  We searched high and low for partners who shared our love of knitting.  When we found Nicola and her team, she told us about her group,  and we knew we had fallen in love with the story of their work and their passion for knitting.

    She grew up wearing sweaters knitted by her mother and grandmother, as we did.  Living in the UK, we had our fair share of cold winters and our sweaters kept us warm and comfortable.  These talented master-knitters have been knitting for their families since they were little, and these skills were passed down out of necessity to keep warm, and also to provide an income. It takes much longer than machine methods, but the techniques provide an unmatched texture and design to each individual item and their hard work and patience shines through on each final piece.

    We live in sunny California now, but our love and appreciation have not dwindled and I can testify that we still need some warm clothes here, as the mornings can be super-cold, so we are excited to bring these snugly items to you.

    ‘We strive to support these gifted artisans and keep the craft of knitting alive and help it evolve for future generations'                                                                                                           With love Frankie & Ava